Web Security

In today's connected world, an increasing level of threats presents itself to businesses big and small. Firewalls and antivirus protection is not enough. Protect all your user and their devices whether they're here, there, or everywhere.

LunaTech's Web Security, powered by OpenDNS's Umbrella Platform, secures you network perimeter before threats even come in contact with your business and users. What's more, whether you have one network or hundreds, it's all managed from one centralized dashboard.

Network Security
Web Filtering
Secure Guest Networks & Hotspots

The Internet’s existing infrastructure is leveraged to protect your infrastructure. Predictive intelligence is enforced at the cloud-level before a single network connection is even made. Performance slowdowns? None.

Stop Malware From Harming Your Systems

Whether they're called viruses, trojans, or drive-by downloads. So called “zero-day” malware routinely slip through even UTM appliances (advanced firewalls) and the most aggressive antivirus. Not so at the DNS layer where OpenDNS resides.

No Botnet Escape & Evasion with Your Data Payload

Nothing's 100% foolproof. If an attacker wants to get in they will. But that doesn't mean they'll get out. Botnet "command & control" systems typically have infected devices’ phone home with sensitive data. By containing botnet callbacks and identifying which attacks are active on your network we help protect your business from these automated security breaches.

Go Fishing But Don't Get Phished

"Phishing" is the Internet attacker's "confidence game." Tactics like social engineering exploit employee trust rather than spend time targeting system-level vulnerabilities. Now, when an employee clicks a seemingly trusted link it routes their device to connect to our block page server instead of the maleficent URL.

By implementing acceptable use or compliance policies, our Web Security service lets you manage your users' Internet experience on and off your network. Control stays with you. Always.

Category-Based Filtering

Millions of domains (that's billions of Web pages) broken down into a database of 60 categories empower you to determine which sites can be accessed on your network. Quickly set up and manage different policies per network, group, user, device or IP address. Your control is absolute.

Whitelists & Blacklists.

Whitelists allow you to "allow" a particular site even if the category it's in is blocked. Blacklists work in the opposite direction and ensure that a site is never accessible. You have unlimited entries in both categories in order to accommodate custom needs. Need to add user or department exceptions to these list? No problem. Easily allow for Blocked-Page Bypass.

Easily Lockdown of Networks

Also known as "Whitelist-Only", this is used for networks where Internet access should be restricted to specific domains. This allows for a “locked-down” and controlled Internet environment where data sensitivity is critical.

Rock-solid Web filtering across your one or one hundred Guest Networks and hotspots protect your business and your guests. Deploy fast and scale easily. Manage one or manage all with a few clicks.

No Hardware Is Required

Keep your infrastructure and leverage the cloud. A centralized Web-based dashboard makes managing the Web Security service that easy. No on-site maintenance or upgrades required.

Control The Customer Experience

Unmanaged Internet access can create scenarios in which one or two users end-up consuming all available bandwidth through high-bandwidth activities such as streaming movies, torrenting, or using file sync services. This leaves your other users with slow, ineffectual Internet access. Guarantee a positive Internet experience across your entire user base by controlling which categories of Internet activity you wish to allow your users to engage in.

Protect Your Brand and More

If one wireless customer should be exposed to inappropriate content on another customer’s computer or mobile device a customer's infected device attacks others on your network that leads will leave a social mark and perhaps more.

Both scenarios tarnish your brand but may also put your business in a potentially legal dilemma. Instead, you can guarantee that the Internet experience you provide remains consistent with your brand — across all network-connected devices.

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