SIP Trunking

Need to keep your on-premise PBX?
No problem. Drink from the Cloud and take a SIP. Or two.

With an on-premise PBX, you typically have an Analogue Trunk or a PRI. What do these these two legacy connections share in common? Ridiculous cost. And that's just for starters.

With LunaTech's SIP Trunking, you can seamlessly and affordably transition to or leverage superior cloud-based voice service without having to replace your existing legacy PBX. What's more, your company can take advantage of all the features and benefits that LunaTech's SIP Trunking has to offer.

Retain Your Current Phone System

Eliminate costly PRIs and analogue trunks by SIP-enabling your PBX to receive dial tone. Whether your system is already IP-enabled or requires a SIP-to-TDM conversion gateway, we've got you covered. Easily supercharge your Asterisk, 3CX, Alltel, Mitel, Nortel, or Panasonic PBX, just to name a few, with the power of SIP.

Affordability & Cost Savings

SIP allows you to combine your data and voice over a single circuit. Whether you want your service as month-to-month or term, or as Metered, Basic, or Premium Lines, savings are quickly realized with the ability to project monthly communication expenses.

Enjoy Superior Quality

LunaTech's SIP Trunks are delivered with high definition clarity and enhanced quality of service. If you add HD phones to your SIP trunking phone service, you upgrade to the same HD quality calls found in our Hosted PBX service, LunaVoiceTM.

Multi-Site Support

Whether your company has two or two thousand locations, your multiple locations can be included in the same enterprise, enabling free extension-to-extension dialing regardless of your location—across the street or across the country.

Instant Scalability

As the size of your company or call volume changes (as is the case with seasonal businesses), adjust SIP trunks as needed and scale up or down as you wish.

Business Continuity

A hurricane, major power outage, or any unforeseen occurrence that forces your employees to work from an alternate location can extremely disrupt your business. By replacing your traditional phone lines with LunaTech's SIP Trunking, you will be able to immediately redirect calls to a second physical location where your business can resume as normal.