Network Design

Where Your Network Hits the Cloud. (Also known by the more earthly saying "Where the Rubber Hits the Road.") Cloud services only work as well as your network. We're here with helping hands to ensure your network does.

Leveraging the cloud or any information technology is crucial to empower your business. You'll want to be sure your current network is designed to completely handle it. We'll guide and work with your IT in optimizing your network for whatever services you plan to use. LunaTech includes this consultation with any of the cloud services we offer at no additional cost.

But maybe you don't have IT or if you do, maybe the details of network administration are not your IT provider's strong point. Firewalls, VLANs, VPNs, and QoS? If you or your IT don't speak TLA (Three-Letter Acronym) then LunaTech can fill the gap to get you properly setup and ready for lift-off.

Whether you would benefit from some network adjustments and optimization or a full network re-design, LunaTech has you covered -- from the security appliances and switches right down to the network cabling that connects your business to the world and the world to your business.