Hosted PBX

Welcome to the power of the cloud and say hello to LunaVoice. Finally, the way business phone service was meant to be.

What do all businesses have in common when it comes to their phones? They all want a reliable service that's affordable. The problem? Traditional phone systems are expensive to own and support. And then there's the cost of the phone company's monthly service. Ouch. And that's with just basic features!

Oh, and customer support? Don't even get us started. But what if the above was a thing of the past?

What would it mean to have a phone system that never grew old and never died? That was affordable and required no upfront cost? That already had everything your business could possible need today as well as tomorrow? Now imagine it all managed for you so all you had to do was run your business.

With LunaVoiceTM, you have all the above and more.

CFO & IT Pluses
White Glove Service & Support

Our business begins and ends with our top of class service. In between, we work with you through every step of the phone-upgrade process and continue to act as your trusted partner even after your system is operational.

We start by doing a free network and bandwidth assessment of your business. We consult with your IT to decide what's best or can step in and fill the gap to design and implement the solution that's right for you.

The Bottom Line

We all know money talks. Our answer? An average 35-60% savings off traditional phone solutions. Let the benefits of the cloud put those monthly savings back in your pocket. Now, take it one step further and remove the cost of having to buy phones and related network gear. We can include everything with your monthly service.

Big Boy Features (or, let's face it, Big Girl too)

Whether you're a 5-person start-up or a 500-person global company, the same state-of-the-art phone system is at your fingertips. This includes features such as Mobility, Presence, Integration, and Video, all customized to fit your business's needs and budget.

Reliability Meets Redundancy

LunaVoice is built with the very best carrier-grade network hardware and software manufactured by the top industry leaders in the world, companies like Broadsoft, Cisco, IBM, and Oracle. Our network was engineered with complete geographic redundancy and with dual, direct connections to our underlying Tier-1 backbone providers.

What the heck does this all mean? It means our cloud phone service was engineered for success. It also means it runs on a highly available network that provides your business with a 99.999% up-time SLA.

Advanced Call Handling.

These include Call Waiting, Transfer, Return, Parking, Pickup, Forwarding, and 3-Way Calling.

Auto Attendants.

Build multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus as best suits your company.

Hunt Groups.

Route calls from a single number or extension to multiple employees or departments in various order types (Simultaneous, Weighted, Round-Robin, etc.)

Unlimited Conference Bridges.

Create as many as you need with any number of participants. Pay a low per-min fee for only what you use.


Become more mobile by transferring, forwarding, or redirecting calls to any remote phone.

Busy Lamp Field (BLF).

Allows for the monitoring of free/busy status of selected users. Often used by Assistants or Receptionists.

Shared Call/Line Appearance.

Incoming calls can appear on multiple phones simultaneously. Devices enabled with this can answer or make calls on that line.

Priority Call Routing.

Allows for the delivery of calls to staff based on a given ring pattern that you choose.

Find Me / Follow Me.

Automatically forward calls to your mobile, home, colleague or all three in any order you wish.


Receive voicemail on your desk phone, email, or both that you can play from anywhere.

+Over 70 more

CAPEX turns to OPEX.

LunaTech can provide all the equipment you need and help turn traditional CAPEX costs into monthly recurring OPEX expenses.

Predictable Costs.

With easy to follow monthly bills, included local, metered and long-distance calling, and cheap international rates, LunaTech provides predictable costs for reliable budgeting.

Calling Plan Flexibility.

Based on your chosen plan, LunaTech provides the ability to scale up or down at any given time.

Business Continuity.

When a serious incident or disaster strikes, knowing your system will remain online and operational is one less thing to worry about. Our recovery solutions help maintain service so your business won't suffer.

Remote Offices.

Reduce the cost of in-office staff by allowing employees to work remotely and maintain an "in-office" presence.


The Google Chrome Dialer Plugin can integrate with your phone service and make Hosted PBX even more efficient. Check out our Google Integration page to learn more. 

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LunaVoice is more than simply the delivery of Business VoIP service itself. It is also the skill and experience of people and processes to back it up 24/7/365 with our 4D customer experience.