Google Integration

Finally, there's a extension for Google ChromeTM that allows you to control your office phone from your browser! If you want to step up your efficiency (especially if you are placing dozens of calls a day), the Chrome Dialer can do just that. Best of all, it's free!

Wondering what you'll get? Here are some of our favorite features you'll get with the Chrome Dialer:


Click-to-Dial any number you see on any web-page. Rather not click a link? Highlight a number instead and right-click to dial. Choose which is best for you.

Contact Access

Easily access your phone system directories (Enterprise, Group, or Personal). Search through them all or filter based on criteria you choose.

Unified Dialer

A single control panel slides out the side of your browser when you want control. Turn on features like DND, Call Forwarding, or flip-on Remote Office and work from home.

Meet-me Conferencing

Enjoy quick access to your bridges and conferences with your moderator PIN and conference ID at the ready. Send out quick emails or calendar invites with your conference bridge details without having to look it up.

Zero Touch Provisioning

Using the dialer is quick and easy. After download just provide a username and password and the dialer will do the rest, integrating with your Chrome browser and putting your phone system a mouse-click away.

SaaS Integrations

Extend the power of the Chrome Dialer by integrating it with services beyond your phone system.

Google (naturally)

Your phone system directories aren't the only you think can access, you can also access your Google contacts and dial them right from the Dialer.


Via this intergration with the leader in CRM software users will be able to create leads and accounts as well as log calls and pull up records based on call details.


OK, so it's not a solution but rather a technology. By enabling the Dialer's Hook feature, you can create your own webhook behavior by appending 'phone=' to the end of any URL. This triggers a window pop, depending on the Call State you choose. (Web developers, this is for you!)