Email Security

LunaTech has in-place services that address on-going security issues should your business require them.

Many businesses have security issues and concerns that go beyond spam and antivirus concerns or even LunaTech's 99.999% SLA. Things like internal data loss, email business continuity, a need for email encryption, and financial and legal email archiving requirements.

Data Loss Prevention & Business Continuity
Email Encryption
Email Archiving

As beneficial as it is, the immediacy and ease of use that is inherent to email also make it among the riskiest ways for businesses to lose confidential and private information. One wayward click and someone can inadvertently or intentionally distribute your business intellectual property or private customer information.

This can have a deleterious affect, whether it results in financial losses from legal or regulatory channels, or erosion of customer confidence.

McAfee Data Loss Prevention, or DLP, filters your business's outgoing email to help ensure sensitive information or undetected viruses don’t leave a user’s outbox.

Using McAfee’s web console, you can:

  • Filter content using keywords and patterns unique to your business to help spot sensitive information (such as credit card or social security numbers).
  • Scan more than 300 document types by size, type, binary content and file integrity.
  • Use pre-built or customer-built scanning criteria.
  • Block, tag or quarantine content that may be sensitive or appear suspicious.
  • Depend on built-in TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption.
  • Help prevent outbound viruses, worms or other malicious content from infecting recipients.

With McAfee Email Continuity, your business can be assured it can send and receive email regardless of the status of its connection to LunaTech Hosted Exchange service.

With McAfee’s web portal, your business can stay connected and operational in virtually any scenario while all your Exchange-related operations will fully synchronize once your connection to LunaTech's Exchange service is restored.

We've seen it before. Email leaks can cause unwarranted exposure and harm to any business, regardless of size. This can lead to public embarrassment or something much more serious such as security and/or regulatory complications. 

Once your email leaves our secure Exchange servers to make its way to your recipient's email, it is no longer secure and can easily be viewed by third parties without either you or your recipient ever knowing. That's because emails, by their very nature, are unencrypted.

Two Encryption Modes: One Comprehensive Secure Business Communication Solution

Policy-Based Encrypted Email

This allows you to easily and automatically encrypt outgoing emails across your entire organization.

  • Automatically filter and scan outgoing email to help your business comply with HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, California's Security Breach Notification Act, the Massachusetts Encryption Law, among others.
  • Policies can be configured to encrypt and send, return to sender, or delete messages with insecure content. Comprehensive reporting lets you track and monitor outbound email activity.
  • Recipients retrieve their messages from a secure Message Pickup Center, where they can read, reply, reply-to-all or forward encrypted messages.
User-Level Encrypted Email

This facilitates end-to-end encryption direct from a user's desktop. Executives and other key personnel can be provided an additional, easy way to secure confidential email.

  • Easy to install (a simple Outlook plug-in) and works immediately. Users can even have the program on multiple computers.
  • Recipients do not need to be subscribers to this service to access the encrypted email they receive.
  • Uses digital signatures to define the sender's identity. This helps guarantee message integrity, so you can safely send important documents, confidential information and contracts via email.

Industry regulations (FINRA, SOX, SEC, NASD, HIPAA, and many others) and/or legal risks often compel many businesses to retain their email in perpetuity. LunaTech's cloud-based Email Archiving integrates email storage, security, and recovery features in one solution.

This makes it easy to preserve your company's intellectual property, enable compliance with hundreds of industry regulations, and simplify eDiscovery.

Deployment Options
  • One-touch integration with LunaMailTM, our own Hosted Exchange service, or as a stand-alone service to any other hosted solution, such as Office 365, Google Mail, even your own on-premise Exchange server
  • 100% inbound/outbound email capture (even if users instantly delete their email)
  • 99.999999999% data resiliency assures the utmost integrity of your data.
  • Unlimited storage
  • No user limit -- add to some or all company mailboxes
  • Capture emails sent and received via Exchange, IMAP or POP email services
Easy Yet Powerful Search
  • Email can be searched via simple, advanced or Wizard-assisted methods.
  • Search using filters, wildcards, advanced Boolean, fuzzy logic and/or proximity logic operators
  • Search full text of all email as well as attachments
  • Search tagging facilitates the identification of content accurately and quickly
  • Add notes to link results with specific investigations and other non-legal inquiries
  • Implement a “legal hold” to identify, segregate and preserve relevant data found during an eDiscovery operation
Extensive Recovery Options
  • All user data is stored in a central repository. You or your business's admins can perform a single search across every mailbox in your company's account
  • Recover messages back to administrator’s mailbox
  • Categorize results before exporting them
  • Export options include PST, SF, EML, HTML, PDF and others

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