Our Process

How Do We Do It?

When you engage LunaTech to provide your company with communication and collaboration services, we both share the same goal behind it: your success.

But shared goals alone are nothing without a plan to best achieve it. We believe the path to your success (as well as our own) is not just about Technology. It's equal parts People and Process.

We like to call it "Business in 4D."


This is where that insightful quote from the ancient Roman philosopher and statesman, Seneca, on our home page, first comes to mind. Clearly determining the end result you want or need for your business within your budget considerations is the first waypoint in any successful journey.

And every journey needs a starting point. That begins with one or more of the following, ultimately culminating in a proposal and order for LunaTech's services for your consideration:


Once your services are ordered, Design is based on the business and technical requirements. The goal is to best maximize your business's efficiency and productivity. Together, we may further refine the end result to best navigate your ship to reach your success "harbor" as defined above.

Depending on the service and/or complexity of your environment, this stage encompasses one or more of the following:

Additional R&D, as needed

Hosted PBX Dial Planning and message scripting

Network design (if new) or re-design/optimization (if current) & Diagramming

Email and/or Box data migration requirements and planning


Whether you have an IT department or consultant with whom we can work with or we step in to fill the gap, the objective is to make your services rollout as seamlessly and stress-free as possible. We don't consider this Delivery stage complete until everything -- and everyone -- is working as planned.

As in Design, this stage is dependent on the services ordered and/or the complexity of your environment and may encompass one or more of the following:

Creating a Service Delivery Project Plan, shared with you and your company's project stakeholders

Gathering and submitting all required LOAs and LNP orders

Acquiring all necessary user account names and passwords for email and/or data migration

Providing any necessary training on the services and post-implementation support channels


This phase -- our favorite -- continues indefinitely. Seriously, we're not kidding. Our concierge-style service consists of proactively monitoring our cloud services and keeping you informed through a variety of channels. And with that comes our white-glove support to you -- our client -- and your employees. From technical questions or changes, to business expansion, we are here to help you soar higher and farther in whatever direction you want to take your business.

You see? Delight includes just one thing: Your total and complete happiness with LunaTech. This is where we get our own pride and satisfaction. (And should we ever fall short of that, we'd certainly hope you'd let us know so we can make it right.)