About Us

LunaTech was founded in 2006 on the idea that, unlike the myriad of other IT service providers, highly-skilled IT services could also be highly-personalized. More human connection and relationship-building, less technical and transactional-feeling. We didn't want to be just another "impersonal" vendor or provider.

We wanted to be viewed as a technology partner who provided exceptional services accompanied by white-glove support. That was our goal and that's what we did. And lo and behold, our clients kept coming back. And kept referring us to other businesses with whom they had relationships.

Over time, we found that our strengths lay in helping our customers to better communicate and better collaborate with their customers and partners through technology. It's what they appreciated the most from us and what we, in turn, found to be most rewarding.

The evolution of "the cloud" has created new capabilities, opportunities, and potential that didn't exist before. It has redefined What, Where, and How businesses of any size, industry, or location can exist or grow and even thrive. We find this immensely exciting for everyone, whether they're our client or not.

After all, if has led to our own evolution. One of a company that is focused exclusively on one awesome cause and effect: Provide an ecosystem of integrated communication and collaboration services that help our clients run their businesses better and grow their business further.

So, if you want to know what we're about, this is it. We're about real relationships with our clients. We're about providing them the finest technologies and the best service. We're about doing what's best for their success.

We're about dreaming big. Our dreams. Our clients' dreams. Your dreams.